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Picture show in English

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Picture show in English
Since January 2021 Brexit belongs to the past, although many problems still have to be solved. This evening we would like to „rediscover“ some of Britain and of course follow the UK experiences in the Covid-19 story. For most of us, we might be more interested in the motto „Should I stay or should I go“ and visit Britain? Why not? Nothing much has really changed! The grass is as green as usual, the rain just as wet and the humour just as dry. You might need a passport though! Come and join us while we „revisit“ the South of England. We are going to get „back to the roots“, defining and maybe renewing „old contacts“ with those „eigenwilligen Briten“ and see how our joint history, heritage and culture could bring us into the future together.
Bei Bedarf findet der Vortrag im Online-Format statt.

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